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jean michel basquiat

Diego Rivera Paintings | Diego Rivera >> `The` tentaciones de santo antonio | (oleo, obra de ...

Rola Chang Illustrations

L’artiste taïwanais Rola Chang (Jungshan), travaille en tant qu’illustrateur indépendant. Avec des dessins à l’encre maîtrisé, ce dernier démontre tout son talent, notamment avec ses illustrations proches de l’univers des jeux vidéos de combats comme Street Fighter.

wakin' up to the sound of roosters crowin' and waves breakin' back in cabin 9 again! lol :P #jusChillinOnTheNS

Prehistoric cave paintings across the continents have similar geometric patterns not because early humans were learning to draw like Paleolithic pre-schoolers, but because they were using psychedelics, and their brains—like ours—have a biological predisposition to "see" certain patterns, especially during consciousness altering states.

Michael Poliza is a German photographer who had teamed up with his friend Stefan Breuer on an eight week helicopter expedition across Africa. Their long-held