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Este zoológico en la mirilla de @peta2 es famoso por las razones...

Help Release Polar Bears, Penguins and Whales from the Saddest Zoo in the World - The Grandview Aquarium in Guangzhou, China, opened the doors to its doors earlier this year and has already been called

Whale Watching in Puerto Rico

Humpback Whale Songs Spread Like Pop Hits Add whales to the list of “animals with culture”. In humpback populations, males sing an identical song to try and woo females. This song can differ between.

Complex decisions should be made subconsciously rather than consciously. This is the conclusion of Dutch researcher Maarten Bos. Hungry brains have difficulty making complicated decisions, but our subconscious functions fine even when hungry. The more intricate a decision seems, the more we should rely ...

LandAllocation Systems Creating the Basics for a Fresh Start. Everyone Must be accounted for and Comforted. From Home to Food Clean Air and Fun times. Landos and the Global unified Communications Systems. We have a New System!

The Coquí Llanero is the smallest species of this amphibian known in Puerto Rico, and it was recently discovered in Toa Baja by ecologist Neftalí Ríos. This doctoral student is trying to reproduce this animals in an artificial micro-ecosystem, to observe and learn about their mating behavior and reproduction, and also, to be able to have a colony to restore the population of this native species, estimated in 70-160 thousand individuals.

The Coquí Llanero is the smallest species of this amphibian known in Puerto…

Scientists have released 16 endangered Puerto Rico parrots into the wild amid a growing push to save the U.S. territory's last native parrot species:

This is why parrots make bad pets: Last week, a man was reportedly busted for drunk driving after his pet parrot told police, "he's drunk.

Dog Left in Wall for Two Weeks Leads to World’s Biggest Baby Shower for Animals

Cutest puppy ever! Puppy left in wall for two weeks leads World's Biggest Baby Shower for Animals.

Llegan a Sudáfrica los 33 leones rescatados de circos en...

A Wing Away: Battered Circus Lions Sleep In South African Refuge Tonight

Although illegal in all 50 states, cockfighting is still legal in Puerto Rico. Stop this excessive animal cruelty by banning the sport of cockfighting.

Convict Man for Hosting Dog- and Cockfighting Events - News Network