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Rapids / Jack Vanzet

Rapids / Jack Vanzet

Actual corpse. He wanted to be sat in his home to be able to "welcome" visitors. Obviously wax has been applied over his skeleton.

Come into my parlour. This is an actual person that wanted his body preserved and sat in his entryway. It looks as though he has had wax applied over the skeleton.

Many Faces of Johnny Depp by Vlad Rodriguez, via Behance

face painting at its best Love the "Many Faces of Johnny Depp" carefully matching points of his face of his many different acting roles. The texture also makes it appear like a pastel piece or some kind of oil painting

The dead Bela Lugosi in full vampire regalia in his coffin. #vampire #dracula

Bela Lugosi Obituaries

Bela Lugosi's body in view at the funeral parlour, ohtotgraphed by David Katzman. Bela Lugosi died of a heart attack August He was buried in his full Dracula costume, including a cape.

medieval torture boot used for “foot roasting”  || Boiling oil or water was held in the boot (made of riveted iron sheet) during torture. The boot was filled with a cold liquid & then heated with the foot inside till scalding, possibly explaining why the boot's sole is so worn. The torturer could also pour boiling oil or water straight into the boot. ~ 16th century ∞

Medieval torture boot used for “foot roasting” ~ century: Boiling oil or…

The only dictionary you will ever need

The only dictionary you will ever need

the leo is all in the mind

The neon green colour in this image opposes the lack of colour in the woman's hair and the background, creating contrast.

trashcan basketball

Week a sustainable city should encourage people not wasting resources and recycle more. Some projects like this basketball court sticker placed around garbage cans to make throwing out litter a game can encourage people to recycle in every day life