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I asked my cousin, and fellow potterhead, Newt could count as my favorite Harry Potter character. Judging by the fact that he is my favorite, obviously she agreed.

One time I was at my cousins house and my brother and him were roasting each other and my brother goes "Why don't you ever roast her?" And my cousins just looks at me with a sad look and says "because she roast herself enough."

Bro, if she doesnt want to learn a new language, it's her right. She's trilingual, thats all that's expected from a student in school. (I know my shit. I speak french, english, learning spanish and japanese. I suck at spanish tho.)

OM ME AND MY FRIENDS CODE WORD IS FREEDOM SO IN THE MIDDLE OF CLASS I'M JUST LIKE,"hey kaitlyn.." "may i swear to god..." "FREEDOM" *throws papers and books at me*

these two are best friend goals tho, ad life goals, and well.. if you look up goals on wiki these two people's faces will pop up XD

When she was proud to be “that cousin.” | 23 Times Gloria From “Modern Family”…

23 Times Gloria From “Modern Family” Made Us Burst Out Laughing

Good friends go muddin together...than would be you and me Barb.. CLICK the PICTURE or check out my BLOG for more:

ive had this happen one time<3 me and my cousin were in barnes and nobles and we were singing bts i need u and a girl and her friend were fans it was awesome lol