Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell Bower as Clarissa 'Clary' Fray and Jonathan 'Jace' Wayland in Mortal Instruments; City Of Bones!

I got: Jace Herondale! Yes!!! Who's Your Fantasy boyfriend?

Who's Your Fantasy Lover?

Jace Herondale - The Mortal Instruments - Jace comes across sarcastic as cold hearted, but that's only due to his past. He tends to act more cold to those he loves? Maybe there's a guy who treats you like this? Pursue it, you never know what could happen.

OMG this is kind of hilarious. But then again in the ways they are similar it is weird. Not to mention the guy ho plays Jace (Jamie Campbell Bower) played Grindenwald in the first and second part of the last Harry Potter films. So this is true but weird statement.

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I love this so much! Harry Potter and Jace Herondale have a conversation. Possibly why they're my two favorite book series :)

LoL JACE!...-- I'm going to be pissed when this gets popular after the movie... Like hell. I liked these books three years ago and you've only seen the movie and you say your obsessed with it? No. And when it gets to being extremely cliche like Twilight?  ( I agree with you girl who typed this first. That will be a sad day!!)

The Mortal Instruments Jace beat the brother zone and Gale can't even try and compete with Peeta in Katniss's heart.