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Tracks In Bangladesh

Tracks In Bangladesh

When you've been waiting at the Station for a Train for 2 hours and........

An Indian train covered with people. There are a lot of roof riders and people riding between car junctions on the trains in India. Though this appears to be a staged sort of how-many-people-can-we-get photo.

Signal Failure  “Train of the Stars” crashes through wall. On 25th January 1948, The Super Chief claimed to be “The Train of the Stars” because of the many celebrities it carried between Chicago and Los Angeles. On this day it lost brakes at Los Angeles’ Union Passenger Terminal (LAUPT) crashed through a bumper post and a concrete wall and came to rest above Aliso Street. No injuries, but the engineer loses his job over the incident.

A Santa Fe diesel passenger locomotive hangs over Aliso Street after running off the end of rails at Union Station, Los Angeles, California (January

Vanessa Birstow took this photo of a child in Zimbabwe. She called it "The Boy With the Sapphire Eyes."

image ©Vanessa Bristow, Whether the result of ocular albinism or a recessive gene from a shipwrecked English female who was adopted by Xhosa royalty in the the child has stunningly bright blue eyes

Steampunk Train

If you're really into trains and grilling - Man Builds A Choo Choo Train BBQ Grill - Well Done Stuff!

Beduin lady in Egypt

Bedouin Woman, Sinai, Egypt selling her wares. an amazing experience. The Bedouin peoples are the most hospitable on the planet.

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method in which fishermen use trained cormorants to fish in rivers. Historically, cormorant fishing has taken place in Japan and China since about 960 AD.

"Manifesting My Destiny"

Made me smile too - I love the sense of humor. Pinner says - This made me smile. I am so fortunate to have someone who loves me as much as I love them. I'm looking forward to making silly faces when we are older. Life is so beautiful.

What Penn Station used to look like will make you weep with longing

What Penn Station used to look like will make you weep with longing

This picture is a great representation of surface culture. Surface culture is culture that is most easily seen on the surface where emotional level is low. In class, we talked about how what we can see such as the clothing people wear is on the surface. It is important to learn more about a person than just the surface culture, in order to really get to know a person.

Faces of Mongolia. The traditional headwear of Mongolian ethnic group from Ordos. Displayed during a cultural festival in Hohhot, capital of north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.