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Last week I flew to Portland, OR to get an education on grass seed at Pennington Seed. I learned a lot more than I ever imagined you could learn about those little seeds. I am so grateful for the opportunity and the time that Pennington Seed took to share this information with me. I spent …


Homemade Weed Killer That Is Safe for Grass

Homemade Weed Killer That Is Safe for Grass - Need to try this.

Grass experts recommend that you resist the urge to cut your grass more than 1/3 of its height. If you adhere to this rule, you can leave grass clippings on your lawn. These are helpful and put nutrients back into the soil as they decompose.

from Creative Green Living

The Non-Toxic Way I Killed All My Grass (On Purpose!)

Easy, non-toxic way to kill grass without back breaking labor. I need to remember this for later!

Epsom Salts for the Garden. Are the leaves on your tomatoes or pepper plants turning yellow? Want more blooms on your rose bushes? Wondering why your lawn is looking brown? Boost plants and grass with Epsom salt, high in magnesium and sulfur. Helps plants grow greener with higher yields and more blooms. This site tells you how much to use for type and size of plant or square footage of ground.

Great information about how to transplant, grow, and care for moss. Also information about the two main types of mosses, and what the two types require.

I saw this on weather channel ,Homemade Fertilizer For Lawns
from The Everyday Home

10-Ways to Create a Pretty Lawn by The Everyday Home / #10Waysto...

I saw this on weather channel ,Homemade Fertilizer For Lawns

Grow Food, Not Lawns Here's a step by step for turning your lawn into a thriving vegetable garden. This simple write up comes with four methods to getting rid of the grass, a seed starting chart, and low maintenance crops. It even suggests some different techniques for you to implement in your new garden paradise: - lasagna gardening - square foot gardening - SPIN gardening (small plot intensive) - biointensive gardening - no till / no dig gardening - permaculture Check it out…