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Golden Brushtail Possum Is The New Cuteness

Australia's Golden Brushtail Possum ~ These adorable and rare creatures are an unusual form of the common brushtail possum that get their fluffy golden coats from a genetic mutation that results in low levels of melanin in their skin and fur. They are a rare sight in the wild, being found mostly in small pockets around Tasmania where they have fewer wild predators.

Common Brushtail Possum (Trichosurus vulpecula)

Sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps), native to Eastern & Northern Australia, are a small, omnivorous, arboreal gliding possum belonging to the marsupial infraclass / photo Igor Siwanowicz

Australians have adopted a global reputation for being fit, fun and friendly – and for the most part, that’s true! However, there is plenty of misinformation out there...

Honeycreeper (Chlorophanes spiza) ** 2 4 1 in this shot. A beautiful bird And a beautiful flower :)They occur in the forest canopy, and, as the name implies, they are specialist nectar feeders with long curved bills. The four Cyanerpes species have colourful legs, long wings and a short tail. The males are typically glossy purple-blue and the females greenish.

King Parrot, Australia Chcesz zobaczyć to na żywo? Na znajdziesz aktualne oferty wyjazdów, a także zarezerwujesz hotel, willę lub bilety lotnicze.