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Fullmåne +sommarsolstånd 2016 - 1. Allmän astrologi - Astrologi iFokus

Ministers lost their moral compass bearings, and most other peoples,  telling jobcentres hunger’s OK. | Taxpayers Against Poverty

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Trying the new Compass and other Jeeps on for size

Trying the new Compass and other Jeeps on for size - Autoblog

Broken Compass Trading: Thoughtfully handcrafted notebooks among other creations.

Consistently inappropriate relationships (lack of conscious awareness of what's right and whats wrong; lacking a moral compass) happen when one continues to deny other inappropriate boundaryless relationships, such as with an opposite sex parent. A fast way to further descend down the rabbit hole... #SEEKHELP #FAST

Every time you make a decision pay attention to whether you're coming from a place of love or fear. If you're concerned about what others will think or worried that there isn't enough (of whatever) for everyone for example then you're acting out of fear. If you're feeling driven by your own internal compass have a gut sense that what you're doing is for the best and feel calmness then you're acting out of love. I've lived in spaces of fear and love and I can easily say that although it's…

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Curiosity: The Force Within a Hungry Mind

Compass with Curiosity highlighted and other points of Sociability, Resilience, Self-Awareness, Integrity, Resourcefulness, Creativity, and Empathy

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00g tunnels

00g tunnels Anchor and other ship/sea things. Including a compass on it 00g tunnels. Other

Bruntun TruArc 20 Compass The TruArc 20 from Brunton is the compass you want. It will never lose polarity and resists magnetic interference better than its competitors, making for more accurate and reliable route-finding. Other key features include a map magnifier, clinometer, and a magnified readout with 1º resolution.