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Shadowmoon-Valley-By-Peter-Lee.jpg (1600×753)

World of Warcraft Hearthstone Pillows

Shut Up And Take My Yen | Hearthstone Indoor SignHearthstone Indoor Sign - Shut Up And Take My Yen

from Blizz-Art - L'art de Blizzard

Illustration de Brandi York

#warcraft #illidanhurlorage #illidanstormrage

World of Warcraft fans rejoice because now you can have a mini hearthstone of your own! I haven’t yet figured out how to enchant these, so they won’t be able to actually teleport you anywhere. If you happen to figure it out, please do let me know!

World of Warcraft: Legion | by DenaHelmi

Maining a Healer since I started WoW, this speaks to me on a higher level…

from Elfi's World

Welcome To Elfi’s World

Maybe do oreo cookies dipped in white chocolate on sticks instead? World of Warcraft Hearthstone cookies

from WoWWiki

Sylvanas Windrunner

Sylvanas, my favorite. More