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Ban Dog Fighting! Steve King, (R-IA) believes and fights to have dog fighting made legal in the USA. People like King need to be locked up. He has no business in congress representing anyone. // Maybe they should get people found guilty of cruelty to animals to fight it out gladiator style as their punishment instead of prison. Oh wait, that would be cruelty, and according to the men who commit these offences, that is only something we dish out to animals.

A1041537.JPG Gam Gam , 4 years old , looks like she has had pups in the past. She was no longer useful& when a pup in NYC people get rid of you. Animal cruelty

Always Adopt Please~Never ceases to amaze me what a great home, good vet, quality for and TONS of love can do! WOO HOO JACK & YOUR AMAZINGFAMILY!!

OTTO the face of dog fighting! How shameful, what torture and pain this poor dog endured and lives with today! I would love to see the owners face look like this!

07/27/14~Kennel # 35 Cocker Spaniel • Adult • Female • Medium Lorain County Dog Kennel Elyria, OH

Daisy was surrendered to Downey shelter by her family because they said she was aggressive. What the family failed to mention, was the horrific flea infestation, her infected ear, her stench of feces and urine.. oh, and the shock collar they left on her until it burnt away her hair and thickened the skin on her throat. This is her rescue.

from BuzzFeed

This Is What It Looks Like When A Pit Bull Gets Rescued

This Is What It Looks Like When A Pit Bull Gets Rescued: This amazing story about Cadence, a rescued bait dog, is probably going to get you a little choked up. Warning: Images are a little intense. posted on September 16, 2013 at 12:42pm EDT