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Five seconds is the average time your eyes are off the road while texting. That's enough time to cross an entire length of a football field. #StopDistractedDriving

Study shows just how much drivers are using social media when they are behind the wheel. It's scary. ADVICE TO ALL: For the sake of you and those around you, PLEASE keep your eyes on the road, not on your phone. Of the 10 percent of drivers who tweet while driving, about one-third said they do it “all the time.” Keep Reading: - http://www.zacharlawblog.com/2015/05/study-4-in-10-use-social-media-while-driving.html#SocialMedia

I-10 Cross Over Fatalities Can Be Prevented: But Arizona doesn't do a thing about it. See the alarming statistics you didn't know. Yesterday, there was yet ANOTHER crossover fatality on Interstate 10 in Arizona, where at least one person was killed. These accident occur with alarming frequency. One unnecessary death is 1 death too many. Can they be prevented? Keep Reading: - http://www.i10accidents.com/2014/10/i-10-cross-over-fatalities-can-be.html

How does a prior injury sustained affect the outcome of a car accident? With more drivers on the road than ever before, accidents are also on the rise. But what would happen if you were involved in an car accident in Phoenix and sustained an injury? Keep Reading: - http://www.zacharlawblog.com/2012/12/how-does-a-prior-injury-sustained-affect-the-outcome-of-a-car-accident-.html

What happens if Debris on a road causes a car accident? An in depth look. Keep Reading: - http://www.zacharlawblog.com/2014/12/phoenix-arizona-freeway-debris-accident-lawyers.html

Top 12 Driving Behaviors That Cause Road Rage Texting and tailgating are the top two behaviors behind the wheel that drive fellow motorists bonkers, according to a new survey by The Expedia Road Rage Report.... Keep Reading: - http://www.zacharlawblog.com/2015/05/top-12-driving-behaviors-that-cause-road-rage.html

4 Simple Tips To Follow To Keep You Safe While Driving. The U.S. Department of Transportation reported that nearly 33,000 people died in car crashes in the U.S. in 2010. While this number represents the fewest people killed in crashes in a single year since 1950, it also represents an average of 90 lives needlessly lost daily on roads across the country. See Even More Tips: - http://www.zacharlawblog.com/2013/09/4-tips-to-follow-while-driving-that-will-keep-you-safe.html

NHTSA says road fatalities up 3.3% in 2012 - http://www.zacharlawblog.com/2013/12/nhtsa-says-road-fatalities-up-33-in-2012.html

Rear End Accidents 101: Everything you need to know about them. The simple answer is “the person who rear ends the other person”, right? Not always the case. What if the lead vehicle stops suddenly in the middle of the road for no reason? Does that driver have fault? Keep Reading: - http://www.zacharassociates.com/motor-vehicle-accidents/rear-end-accidents-in-phoenix/

Just How Dangerous Is Texting & Driving? Here Are Just A Few Eye Opening Stats. - About 6,000 deaths and a half a million injuries are caused by distracted drivers every year. See Even More Alarming Stats, Here: - http://www.zacharassociates.com/stop-texting-and-driving/

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