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Why Blog? - 3 Big Reasons to Blog if You Have a Home Business. Tanya Why Blog if I’m in a Home Business? I broke it down to 3 BIG Reasons to Blog and in this Video Post you'll see why I LOVE Blogging as my main Lead Source...

My 2 Favorite Blog Page Ideas for Home Business Leads -

This is Great for the People that Hate to Sell but love making Money! I love sharing strategies that have worked really well for me and my Home Business so today I want to share with you My 2 Favorite Types of Blog Posts, if implemented, will help you to build you Home Business.

Have you ever wondered how to Make a Blog Signature that you can simply add to each Blog post with only 2 clicks? Not only can I show you a simple way to add this to each blog post but it’s compelling and it gets your visitors to Take Action with you.

I’ve got a few blog writing tips up my sleeve and I’m about to share with you a really easy way to create content that your viewers crave. On my last post I talked about how to create the perfect tagline for your blog and brand, but did you know that with that perfect tagline you can also create massive value and content that your target market craves?