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Time Bomb: Wes Kremer - http://DAILYSKATETUBE.COM/time-bomb-wes-kremer/ - We have a new feature called Time Bomb. It's basically a barrage of tricks, rifled off with the quickness. Who better to inaugurate the launch than Wes Kremer? Btw, none of these tricks are... - bomb, kremer, time

Casa Equis / Barclay & Crousse Architecture. I love the idea of swimming pools you can see into, framed only by translucent plexiglass. Putting into an arch over a walkway just makes it that much more dramatic. My wife would love it.

It's funny to look at But just take a closer look at what Pinkie is doing All concerns of anatomy aside (Equestria is different then our ponies) that still would be VERY difficult to balance on one hoof with your entire body weight nearly on top of you She's like doing a backbend in midair While on skates On ice Just Freakin skill Or is it Earth Pony magic? Whatever Pinkie is one of the best at Earth pony magic

funny, funny pictures, funny photos, funny cats, hilarious, cat, caturday, IT'S CATURDAY! 20 Awesomely Funny Cat Photos of the Week