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After Foley, ISIS releases video showing beheading of another US scribe Steven Sotloff Baghdad according to reports video shows militant beheading Steven Sotloff while threatening to kill a British captive. Last Updated: Tuesday, September 2, 2014

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The Biggest News Stories of 2014

The Biggest News Stories of 2014: The past 12 months featured a number of major news events that captivated the world -- from the disappearance of a Malaysian Airlines jetliner to the spread of the Ebola virus -- from all corners of the globe. Unrest in Ukraine and Israel also reached a climax as well as the threat from ISIS. The...

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Rubio: This is not about shutting down the government. It's about shutting down ObamaCare

2 NYPD shot, killed ambush style - Fox News - Breaking News Updates | Latest News Headlines | Photos & News Videos

President Barack Obama signs a condolence book in memory of Chris Stevens. "I'm sorry we left your son to die in a 6 hr. firefight". DON'T FORGET BENGHAZI!!!

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7 Photos Of Obama Golfing On Martha's Vineyard Wednesday

7 Photos Of Obama Golfing On Martha's Vineyard Wednesday..President Obama delivered a somber statement Wednesday on the beheading of American freelance journalist James Foley at the hands of ISIS militants. And then he went to the golf course. The president played with with former NBA star Alonzo Mourning, private equity investor Glenn Hutchins, and longtime friend Cy Walker, at the Vineyard Golf Club.

The Georgia Guidestones Have Officially Been Updated with the Year 2014,,,who did it????????????????? erected in 1979-80

Obama 2012, if this is true, then how do the muslims and their illegal sharia laws fit into our society? If a person immigrates to America, then that person has always adapted to American laws. America does not change the laws for one group of people. As a legal American citizen who of us wants to see a stoning, a beheading or a one year old baby sodomized by the 40 yr old man and then tossed in the streets. How does abusing a small baby and calling it marriage fit into American society?

Why Are Corrections Officers Guarding This Abandoned Prison? 7-29-14 2 NBC employees were recently threatened with arrest for filming this prison???

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If we had a REAL MEDIA - that reported NEWS and not just bias - OBAMA would already be on trial for TREASON!

BREAKING NEWS: Justina Pelletier Will Finally be Released to Her Parents’ Custody to Go Home #FreeJustina