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Pin Up Perfection Magazine: Zombies and Ghouly Girls

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Pin Up Perfection Magazine: Burlesque Babes

These girls are just POURED into their outfits. That's right, this is the latex issue! Celebrating all things latex, rubber, vinyl, pvc and shiny. While once just a fetish, latex is now hitting the mainstream! Check out these pretty in pin up latex girls, they show you how to do it! We also have the low down on some amazing latex companies and a quick little care sheet to help your take care of your new latex garments.

Pin Up Perfection Magazine: Issue 15 She'll get you go go going... We are thrilled to have Go Go Amy gracing our cover once again. She talks to a little bit about her traveling and what she is up to for the new year. Beretta Fleur shows us how to blend eras and Matilda De Bati fashion designer and one women wonder! All this plus more and a plethora of pin ups, what more could you ask for? http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/657468?__r=14111

Yum yum, we have got some tasty treats for you! In this issue we have Kitty Crystal from Worst Cooks in America (on Food Network) she tells us about her experience on the show and a bit about her modeling. Rowdy LeBeau shows us how to mix up a tasty drink for summer. And we get a low down on everything you'd ever need to know about vintage stockings and their care. All that plus more oh ya, and those pin ups you love so much! Get your copy on http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/578214

Alexander McQueen Pre-Fall 2015 | House of Beccaria~ I'm digging the steam.punk vibe in this collection.

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