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Elven Brocade Tunic "Knight of the West"

Medieval Elven Fantasy Exclusive Flax Linen and Brocade Prince Tunic "Knight of the West". $164.00, via Etsy.

KOSTÜMTRUHE | Verkauf & Versandhandel, mittelalterliche Kleidung, Kostüme & Gewandungen, Zubehör aus Ritterzeit und Piratentum - Elfenkleid Sweater mit Kapuze lang

Medieval Dude's Black and Textured Stripe Doublet Ready to Ship Renaissance, Pirate, LARP, SCA

Hey, diesen tollen Etsy-Artikel fand ich bei

some more Garb shots, not all of this is made by myself, some is only modified, such as the boots and the Leather trousers. Tunic belts and weaponry all by my hand though. different tunis this time...

9 Cosplay Tips To Help You Not Kill Yourself Cosplaying

Now that cosplay is more mainstream and the community is very active, lots of cosplayers share their tips and tricks with the whole world! So here are a fe

READY to ship! Fixed size! Discounted price! Medieval Brass Handmade Crown