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Haha, truth!

factsmyguy: “me as shit ”

Okay.. I don't know what this is, but it's sooo cute!! I've never even seen Fullmetal Alchemist, but I know who the characters are! <3 Kya! So adorable!

He is quite charming

not sure if I shugar. l guess it' s okay, his is my, Prince Charming. Or at least ended up in a relationship, I hope True Love Japanese winrey edward full metal alchemist elrick alchemy brotherhood FMA

Lol I have no words .... Voltron draw the squad by Ally-the-Fox-20 on DeviantArt

Voltron draw the squad by on DeviantArt <<< Naruto run 😂😂

Gordon Ramsey's Angriest Moments

Love me some Gordon Ramsay! Best Of Chef Ramsay Memes - Eat the Cat

Haha. Poor Soul. XD. That remind of me when i was little but i didnt say that word lol

Poor Soul~ I saw a comic like that and had to draw it in a Soul Eater version. 2 hours maybe, so it's nothing spec. Say Daddy - Soul Eater


asknaluandgruvia: sorry Q_Q im not good at drawing kisses lol

Funny Teacher Tells Teenagers His Class Rules In A Way They Will Understand – 9 Pics

Funny Teacher Tells Teenagers His Class Rules In A Way They Will Understand – 9 Pics teachers + memes haha Best teacher ever!

Superhero Facts! I feel so ill fully informed! I knew none of this! #SonGokuKakarot

Superhero Facts: Part 1

Superhero facts- knew several of these, and are mostly Marvel.

I saw this and... most girls can't do all that they act like in comes natural and even though I'm flexible I had to work for it so... don't act like a lot can do all that cause it is FALSE

true story Funny Pictures Of The Day – 81 Pics Snelson Snelson Snelson Snelson Morgan

Yui x Hinata, Angel Beats- only if this happened... Lemme go fandom now...

Yui x Hinata, Angel Beats- probably one of the best couples ever. Can we call them a couple? Screw it. Yes we so can!