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"Over 6 million older Americans are living in poverty. As income inequality increases & 10K people turn 65 every day, the # of poor srs is growing exponentially. People in our communities are suffering. Mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts & uncles are struggling to buy food, keep the heat on, afford meds & visit their doctors." // I live with my younger daughter. It's the only way I can afford to live.


The Number of Americans Living on Less Than $2.00 a Day Is Skyrocketing | AlterNet | "Research shows 1.5 million households and 3 million children are living in desperate economic conditions." It is shameful that in the richest country on this planet, we have so many people barely surviving. Click to read and share the full article.

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Be kind printable 8x10 children's art print

Words to live by! :-)


Even the GOP’s ‘Serious’ Candidates Are Way Out of Step With Mainstream Americans | The Nation | "Republicans are advocating a future that will drag us back to the failed policies of the past." Click to read and share the full article.

Americans consistently say jobs, the economy, education and Social Security when asked about their top priorities. The People's Budget heeds these calls by making investments that will create 8 million good jobs, give a raise to working families and support critical services we all depend on. This budget reflects the priorities of the American people. Click for details and please SIGN and share this action immediately! Be a citizen co-sponsor of the People’s Budget!

Death of Middle Class: More than Half of Americans Make Less Than $30,000 a Year | AlterNet | "A new report from the Social Security Administration gives further insight into what most Americans already know: the middle class is rapidly disappearing and a number of people are barely making ends meet. The study shows that in 2014, slightly more than 51 percent of Americans made less than $30,000, and nearly 63 percent made less than $40,000." Click to read & share the sad truth!

Tell Congress: "Hands off SNAP!" | | "Despite the fact that 3.8 million children live in households experiencing hunger, some in Congress are proposing a budget that GUTS the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)." Click for details and please show some compassion for your fellow man and SIGN and share petition to stop this horrific treatment of poor people by our bought and paid for conservative congress!

we should ALL believe in this, and make a change !! | #Poverty #WeThePeOplE JOIN THE PROJECT; "Enjoy a Cappuccino while Saving Lives!"


There is an epidemic of racial bias, police violence, and a lack of accountability in our country’s police. The federal government could, at the direction of Pres. Obama, completely change these conditions — but it won’t happen unless we raise our voices. Click for details and please SIGN and share this action. Thanks.


Sen. Ted Cruz to chair subcommittee that oversees NASA welcome back to the dark ages. 1/13