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What technology trends will 2015 hold? As we enter the New Year, businesses and consumers alike are looking to the future and anticipating how new technology trends will improve the way we live, work, and play. From 3D printing to self-aware machines, the technology trends for 2015 will bring us even closer to an automated future, continuing to improve business ...


UnitedHealth warns it may pull out of health exchanges

UnitedHealth chopped its 2015 earnings forecast, and the nation’s largest health insurer has begun to question its future in public insurance exchanges, a key component in the Affordable Care Act.

Ready to shop your favorite kids sale? Here are 10 tips for helping you maximize your presale shopping at your favorite kids consignment sale event!

How many times have you prepped and tagged your items only to have some of them returned to you?  Here are five reasons sales say, “No thanks,” to clothes. Stray threads, pulled seams and loose hems:   In the pie chart of fabric problems, this group is the easiest and cheapest to fix.  These are... More Info