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Aishah not only acquire great knowledge but also took part in education &social reformation. Her power of speech described by al-Ahnaf who said: "I have heard speeches of Abu Bakr & Umar, Uthman & Ali & the Khulafa (rulers) up to this day, but I have not heard speech more persuasive & more beautiful from the mouth of any person than from the mouth of `A'ishah."

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PW2} #Khadijah (r.a) had heard of the integrity, honesty & principled behavior of the Prophet (pbuh) &sent a job offer to him to head her trading caravans. She was deeply moved & impressed by hard work & sincerity & knowledge of Prophet (pbuh), &started thinking of proposing marriage to him (pbuh) She was 40 years & Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was 25 years of age.

Aisha (r.a.a) was born in 614 C. E. till 678 C.E. A'ishah lived almost 50 years long after the demise of the holy Prophet {s.a.w} & as long as Aisha’s lives, she was the source of knowledge & wisdom for both women & men. Abu Musa once said, "Whenever a report appeared doubtful to us, the Companions of the Prophet, & we asked Aisha about it, we always learned something from her about it."