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4 Ideas for Including Children on the Day of the Funeral

4 Ideas for Including Your Children on the Day of the Funeral - With Sympathy Gifts | With Sympathy Gifts

A Box Of Love - Free Download!

Box o' Love . . . crafty and sweet, this box holds cards (free download on the page) where you can write things. This could also easily be turned into a journaling box, a box for memories of a deceased loved one (funeral attendees could share their thoughts after the service), or for sweet notes between husband & wife. I'm so doing this.

It doesn't take money to do an act of kindness. It can be an uplifting word, an outreached hand, a sincere smile, and it could make someone's day. Remember: it takes words to make someone's day, and words to ruin the day. Your choice...

POETREE funeral urn is the physical manifestation of emotional stages of grief. It evolves over time as a companion through the stages of mourning. The ashes of our loved one will be placed in the urn and then covered with soil. We can take the urn home and plant a tree in it

Start-Ups Take Rites From the Funeral Home to the Family Home

Services are popping up to help relatives looking to bid a more intimate and natural farewell take their end-of-life rituals out of the mortuary.