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Empusa pennata, female, close up, copula involving two males and a female

Wolf Plume, Curly Bear, Bird Rattler - Blackfoot 1916

Native American Dancer hmmm, this guy and the Australian aborignals were the first to do 'white face'!

Thomas Bayrle. $, 1980. Cartolina, llapis, cotxes de plàstic, 84 x 64 x 8 cm.

Nebulous Strings in the Veil Nebula This image shows a small portion of the Veil Nebula - the shattered remains of a supernova that exploded thousands of years ago. The Veil Nebula is located in the Constellation Cygnus about 1,500 light-years away. The entire structure spans about 3 degrees on the sky (about the size of 6 full moons). On a larger scale, the hot ionized gas that makes up this nebula forms a giant loop that is more than 100 light-years across.

concept ships: Fantastic spaceship art by Yanick Dusseault

The Enterprise from "Star Trek" (the IDW comic)