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It was engineered as an attempt at giving him credibility, it failed just like all of his policies have. The numbers don't lie, so if this upsets you, good. Now get pissed off enough to use your brain, do your own research, do not use the mainstream media as a source unless you can treble verify the source. Once you grip you subjective posturing and delve in to the objective, you will be pissed, as you will see the real truth not the truth they want you to see.

Forty years ago, the global economy was forever changed. When people remember then President, Richard Nixon, most think of the Watergate scandal and the subsequent…

keep your eyes fixed on the target, and don't get caught up in the petty bickering that obama fosters. that is what he WANTS. he NEEDS us to be divided. We have many differences, ideological, and otherwise - but we are all Americans. sadly.. there are a FEW that WANT this 'brave new world'.. on those? don't even waste your breath.

Think about it ... and then express your right to VOTE, despite all the current attempts at voter suppression!

Dearborn, Michigan-At end of football game between two private schools, four Muslim football players rushed a Christian quaterback, knocked off his helmet & beat him unconscious-Lutheran Westland

Pissing off the next generation will cause more blowback than Israel will be able to handle. These kids are much smarter and tougher than their parents.

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