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The Giant Panda (Ailuropoda melanoleuca) is the world's best known and probably "cutest" endangered species. The species eats only bamboo and is vulnerable to die-backs of particular bamboo species because the wild population has become separated into pockets surviving in six mountain ranges in China. The Chinese government has been working hard to protect this species and has established 60 panda reserves.

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Bao Bao - Panda cub | 140402 cd 407 | Craig Salvas | Flickr

from VerDeGreeN

Panda nursery: how we got here?

If they charged an entrance fee to this room they'd make millions.

It's my hammock! | Yunior tries to get Momma off his hammock… | Rita Petita | Flickr

pandas are the perfect animal, theyre black and white, theyre adorable, theyre vegitarians, and the best of all, theyre chunky!

Sleeping Panda Panda Panda #Panda

Boop! I forgive you. Now let's say a prayer and drink to world peace. Sweet vermouth on the rocks with a twist...