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I need honesty at all times, not when it's convenient. #powerofpositivity #positivewords #positivethinking #inspirationalquote #motivationalquotes #quotes #honesty

just drove into town for some to check my phone like hoping I had something from her but got nothing at all.3 days nothing which I reckon just really says it all I been walking around camp just to try send her a thinking of you message like I dunno maybe she's been on a date and enjoyed herself like I been thinking so much about her wanting to date someone like it's just shows how different our pages are on with feeling makes me think I'm right about nick I'm being a back up not a exception…

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Funny how some people can make plans to do what they want throughout the week, but find themselves too tired or too busy to get up and go to church!!

Cheers to all the people who just want to be themselves and don't care about fitting in. #powerofpositivity #positivewords #positivethinking #inspirationalquote #motivationalquotes #quote

Silence doesn't mean the person quits, it simply means that one doesn't want to argue with people who just don't want to understand. #powerofpositivity #positivewords #positivethinking #inspirationalquote #motivationalquotes #quotes