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I think that there is a relatively small number of people who are pushing for independence in Taiwan. – Fred Thompson, Politician #political #quote #quotes

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20 Motivational Quotes to Start Your Week

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Put the politicians on minimum wage. That will be a real change as we know it, but it will scare the crap out of them.. FROM THE VERY "MIGHTY" TOP TO THE BOTTOM. SO THEY KNOW HOW WE FEEL...

7 Ronald Reagan Quotes To Remember That Will Inspire You

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Twelve Time Management Habits to Master in 2013

A major bullet of the Devil against Christians is our Illusion of knowledge and Ignorance of God's word. In 2015, we will lay demand on God's word and get results. Happy new year.

[Catholics cannot vote for supporters of objective evil, whether that means a whole political party or an individual politician. --vlg 161014-0820]

11 vicious Gore Vidal quotes on politics Author, politician and commentator Gore Vidal — known for his unorthodox wisdom and uncensored wit — died Tuesday. Here are his most memorable political quotes. Read more:

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Political Correctness Leads to Tyranny Your thin skin does not make you Right

Born 1913 in Algeria, Albert Camus studied philosophy, worked in political journalism and wrote fiction and essays. Also active as theatre producer and playwright, he didn't believe in God. Did he go too far? Did he find the truth? Will you?

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A little inspiration goes a long way (21 Photos)

Good quote.. this President mightily disappointed his own Party to do right by America.. and got assassinated..sad #politics