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19 Signs He Wants You

#4: He’s buying you drinks. This is the 21st century mating call. And 20th, and 19th, and basically all the way back until before alcohol was invented.

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14 Signs You Should Ask Him Out

Because it’s sad when two people like each other but are too scared to make a move and get old and die.

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11 Signs He Doesn't Take You for Granted

You two are a team <3

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11 Signs That You're Casually Dating The Right Guy

#11 is really important... really.

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Play Dough Writing Tray

Play Dough Writing Tray-Use this fine motor activity to practice writing letters, sight words, numbers and more

Webster's Dictionary defines "freedom" as "Deep conditioning your hair without judgment, putting on a freakum dress, and kissing someone who still excites you." That, and more, is why being single is the best.

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17 Signs You're Ready to Be Exclusive

4. Just even thinking about opening Tinder exhausts you way more than usual.

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5 Important Lessons to Learn From Rejection

Rejection happens to everyone, but use these tips to make the best of it!

This counting bears activity goes perfectly with the book Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See? While playing children will learn numbers and colors. They are perfect for toddlers and preschoolers and would be a great addition to a math center!

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20 Things Every Woman Thinks After Sex

#16: Did my neighbors hear us? Eh, who cares?