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Allow me to explain why this aquarium is a horrible idea: 1. Bettas fight and have to be kept separate. 2. Bettas are a special kind of fish that occasionally needs to gulp air from the surface. 3. What if fish got stuck? 4. It reduces the amount of space and water your fish has to swim in. ...Make sure that your pet products are good FOR YOUR PETS, not just aesthetically pleasing to you!

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How to Clean Up an All Glass Aquarium and Replace the Silicone from Someone Who Has Done It

How to clean up an all glass aquarium and replace the silicone. Refurbishing old aquariums to good as new condition with new silicone. DIY tricks and tips for resealing your all glass aquarium.

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Perfectly Pink Aquarium Set

Budding biologists can build a special home for creepy crawlers, flitting butterflies or aquatic animals with this multifunctional aquarium and terrarium. Featuring an expandable sleeve for easy cleaning without disturbing the habitat and designed for fresh or saltwater fish or other pint-sized pets, it's an interactive, educational environment—perfect for studying at home or in the classroom.

PondCare® Pond Salt Natural Fish Tonic (4.4 lbs.) by Pondcare, MARS Pondcare. $5.17. With the Pondcare Pond Salt Natural Fish Tonic from www. petstore. com, you can be confident that your pet fish are safe, healthy, and happy inside their pond or aquarium. It comes in a 4. 4-lbs. pack that is enough for you to use for several months. This tonic primarily uses special sea salt to maintain your tank. This product is greatly recommended by professional aquarists and e...

Brighten up any room with this GloFish Aquarium Kit. It has special color-enhancing LED lights that will bring out the fluorescent colors of your freshwater tropical and fluorescent fish.

Hinterland Trading Live Aquatic Marimo Moss Ball Plant Pet Glass Aquarium Kit Hinterland Trading,