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Does the Bible Really Condone Premarital Sex? - Today Christian | Stay Informed | Your Popular Christian News Site

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"There is something intriguing and compelling about a girl who lights up every room she walks in. Is it her style? No. Is it her long flowing hair? No. Is it her flawless complexion? No. All eyes are on her, trying to put a finger on what makes her so radiant." Read more at #women #beauty

Why I Quit Being a Good Wife

I quit being a good wife. I quit struggling to believe that I could make myself enough. A godly marriage does not equal a perfect marriage - it doesn't even equal a good marriage! A Christian marriage is about so much more. Consider these tips & decide if you should quit being a good wife too!

For the Record, There are Times I am Desperate

For those moments as a mom when you feel DESPERATE - here's some encouragement for you.