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Guilty Pleasure: Sweet Drawings Of Military Aircraft

'Mig Kill' by Adam Tooby - A Vietnamese People's Air Force 927th Fighter Regiment MIG-21PFM attacks a USAF F-4E fighter bomber during Operation Linebacker II, July, 1967

The top Mustang ace of all time was Major George E Preddy of the 352nd Fighter Group. He scored 26.83 air and 5 ground victories but was killed during the Battle of the Bulge.

The Arado Ar 234 was the world's first operational jet-powered bomber, built by the German Arado company in the closing stages of World War II.

Cool Airplanes that Will Never Fly Again | Flying Magazine. Messerschmitt Me 163 Komet What Makes It So Cool... Messerschmitt's diminutive single-engine rocket plane was actually built in sizable numbers toward the end of World War II. The rocket ship would blast off from a small strip as Allied formations flew by overhead, climb at speeds unattainable by any plane of the era and intercept the bombers, usually B-17s, before heading back to base ultimately as gliders after the plane's rocket…