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The fluorescent colors caught my eye instantly and made me wander over the detail of this piece of art. If only birds looked like this in real life..

20 Beautiful And Strange Animal Pictures

Open the page to see some beautiful animals, & a couple of not so pretty ones. Ck out the albino turtle. <>< Royal flycatcher

Violet-green swallow. Beautiful color pattern and sweet appearance, this swallow lives only in America and nests in cavities in a tree or rock crevice.

Goldfinch. They usually arrive in pairs but had seven in the garden once. I'm hoping to see some of these during my Big Garden #Birdwatch. How about you?

Mr. And Mrs. Northern Cardinal Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Bonnie Barry

Mr. And Mrs. Northern Cardinal. I see these beautiful birds in my feeders all of the time. The trick is to use only sunflower seeds!