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Native American Hand Coiled & Hand Painted Navajo Indian Pottery Large Lizard Seed Pot by Westly Begaye. $99.99 plus 8.00 shipping. Just Click on the above picture to be taken to the Ebay listing.

Absolutely beautiful hopi indian pottery "squat jar" by antoinette silas

This style of her polychrome jars, Rainy calls her "ancestors design." In this style, she intertwines and reverses her primary elements. This one she calls "embracing eagles." She has divided the jar into five segments, each a mirror the others. In each of the segments, the centerpieces are embracing hawks surrounded by both Hopi symbols and prehistoric shard patterns.

Hopi Pottery : Beautiful Native American Hopi Pottery Jar by Tonita Nampeyo #77

Hopi Pottery Description: Beautiful more contemporary poly chrome seed pot with butterfly/moth figures. Very good condition. x Tonita stays true