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Someday This Pain Will Be Useful to You: A Novel (2009) By: Peter Cameron ISBN: 0312428162 $10.99 I believe that this is a good book to have in a collection for older children. It can help them personally if they are GLBT to know that there is hope for them later in life, and possibly give them something to look forward to for their future.

It's Okay To Be Different (2009) By: Todd Parr ISBN: 0316043478 $6.99 This is a good reference resource to use when you want to show children a visually stimulating book about how it is okay to be different. The book depicts various scenarios about being different and has pictures to go along with it. It would be a great book for younger children to learn about being different.

All Kinds of Families! (2009) By: Mary Ann Hoberman ISBN: 0316146331 $11.55 This would be a good reference resource to use for a little bit older child that can read on their own. It has a bit of rhyming in it like poetry, which is nice for kids to learn about and read even though it isn't in a poetry book. It shows children that it is okay to have a family that others might consider to be "different".

The Principles of Uncertainty by Maira Kalman-most fabulous book ever!

10,000 Dresses (2008) By: Marcus Ewert ISBN: 1583228500 $10.17 This is a good book for all children, but especially little boys who might like to play dress up or do "girly" things that others may not approve of. The book displays courage that all children can learn from. It would also be a good reference for boys who may be transgender as well.

The Family Book (2010) By: Todd Parr ISBN: 0316070408 $6.99 This book is a good reference for children's books because it explains to children that a family can be made up of lots of people, different colors, ages, relations, etc. It has families that look like their pets, and some that have two moms and two dads. It is a good example of lots of diversity in one little book.