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Dr. Steve joins the speculation on Clark’s desperate, drastic and apparently data-less decision.

Why are so many kids with bright prospects killing themselves in Palo Alto? "What we’ve lost, perhaps, is a sense that there may be things about them we can’t know or understand, and that that mysterious quality, separate from us, is what we should marvel at."

The Beloved Debs on Twitter: Keep laffing, toad-face, this if what Hillary's bringing to America. This happened in Oklahoma you ignorant twat.

"COMMANDER IN CHIEF"FORUM: Who stuck closest to FACT and STILL usefully ANSWERED the question? :-P Classified(Hillary clarified her expectations on lack of obviousness of warnings about classification labels) Emails and the Iraq War: Fact-Checking the Forum - NYTimes.com

Cruz’s Wisconsin Win Leads To Total Trump Meltdown: Donald Accuses Ted Of Winning Illegally

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