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Children spend a great deal of their time online which is why parents need to be vigilant regarding their activities on the internet. Through two way communication and positive parenting techniques, mishaps online can be prevented. However what would happen if your child does fall into such a trap?

Let’s Join Hands to Save Spoiled Teens in the Online World

Various factors affecting the level of concern among parents for their child’s online safety

Protecting Your Children From Online Monsters

Selfies have become quite common within the generation of today however it has its own psychological issues associated with it. It is also seen to be having a link with cyber bullying thus in order to keep the self confidence of your child high and to prevent cyber bullying at the same time, the magnitude of the problem needs to be understood.

Parents are always looking out to keep their children safe from the dangers of the world. They want to keep them away from bad company which is why they wish to know who their child has been speaking to at all times. Not only will doing so allow them to have peace of mind if nothing seems wrong but they will also be able to fix a problem if they sense something isn’t right.

One of the best ways through which you can avoid strangers online and on social media is to ignore them if they send friend requests. Strangers tend to send kids friend requests for deceitful reasons and it is unlikely that their intentions are good. Thus, children should be taught not to talk to unknown people and to not add strangers and share any personal information with them.

Trolling has become an epidemic and has grown from the desire of people, especially teenagers to make use of the internet and to feed off of the lack of intelligence and the embarrassment of their victims. Unlike how stalking and cyber bullying’s consequences have been stated time and again, the damage to a teens emotional and psychological development due to trolling has been understated largely.

When considering whether parents or children are more tech savvy in a household, the answer is that it is usually the children who know more about the internet which tends to give them an edge. Due to this, parents should have the same amount of knowledge as their child if they cannot have a greater amount of knowledge. There is also the possibility of children getting around the various parental control software’s and doing as they please on the internet.