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Children spend a great deal of their time online which is why parents need to be vigilant regarding their activities on the internet. Through two way communication and positive parenting techniques, mishaps online can be prevented. However what would happen if your child does fall into such a trap?

Our research has come up with a general assumption that every social media app or website, irrespective of their nature, usage, acceptability and popularity, poses severe constraints and threats to the users. Good and evil go together on Facebook and WhatsApp. These two social media apps have become so much popular that millions of people use every day for communication and information sharing. This write-up aims at the parents who should be aware of the dangers of Facebook and WhatsApp…

TheOneSpy can come in handy for monitoring children but at the same time, the camera bug feature can also be used on partners and employees. People in a relationship sometimes become suspicious about the activities of their partner and simply wish to see where they are and who they are with.

A parent of today is more vigilant and believes in #monitoring his/her child at all times. At the same time, the growing pressure to provide for the basic necessities of life and to improve the quality of living for their #children has pushed the modern #parents to the wall. They are left with no other option but to invest a major portion of their available time in building their careers and striving for a better future.

There are various relations in the world, but when it comes to blood relations, the parents-teens relationship is the strongest, most reliable, and full of love and great respect. Time is changing rapidly, and advancement in technology is causing some hurdle to deteriorate this perfect relationship.

It’s not later than a few years that every child and teenager started using such apps where they share their personal matters, talk to unknown people, find crushes and a lot more is there to be done. Apparently they are using such apps for better enjoyment and interactions, but things get worse when the kids fall into the hands of cyber bullies. At the same time, we get news on various apps that resulted in the loss of kid’s personal information and more harms as well. The social media apps…

A man with his spouse and three years old kid goes to a digital devices shop and asks the retailer to bring a tablet for his son. The guy on the store politely asks the man how old his son is.

For employee monitoring, though customary practices are brought into utilization, the advanced technology has empowered the employees to an extent that they can escape all the monitoring implementations during work to engage in personal activities and businesses.

TheOneSpy is a well known tracking application in the market which allows monitoring and recording of cell phone activities in real time. It is considered to be a trustworthy and reliable application having a number of features.