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Love Wildlife? Add the Galapagos to Your Bucket List

Sea lions demonstrating yoga poses in the Galapagos

Share facts and info about the Galapagos Islands and Quasar Expeditions' Cruises with your friends

Facts on Galapagos Waved Albatross - Largest Sea Birds with Quasar

Our love for the nature of the wonderful Galapagos ecosystem inspired us to offer Galapagos eco-tourism over two decades ago to share and preserve the beauty of this part of the world.

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Quasar Expeditions - M/V Evolution

Quasar Expeditions' M/V Evolution at anchor on the island of Genovesa in the Galapagos

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James Island

Galapagos Islands - James Island

For 29 Years Quasar Expeditions has been providing luxury Galapagos travel and cruise lines aboard high class yachts. Learn more about a tour on Galapagos cruises and travel opportunities with Quasar Expeditions.