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Wooden #Nutcracker with Hammer smashes nuts - Nutcracker done with the lathe for wood, including hammer, which is also created with the lathe. You place the nut in the middle of the bowl (in the notch), and you hit them with a hammer. The shells of the nut can be put in the bowl below, along with nuts still to crush. It is a kitchen tool that makes it easy and fun to crack nuts!

Wooden doll, ornaments, figurines, superhero, ninja turtle. Perfect for my kids tree!

Handcrafted Ink Pen Cream Fleck Corian Comfort by MikesPenTurningZ, $29.00

from Etsy

Handmade Large Cutting Board - The Mega - Black Walnut, Mahogany, Lacewood

Handmade Large Cutting Board The Mega Black by tauntongreen, $119.00

from Etsy

Recycled Shovel Chair

Items similar to Recycled Shovel Chair on Etsy @Jenny Brackett- Gagnon, this just screams your name!!!


Plywood Hot Wire Foam Cutter

Many woodworkers, especially those that have just started out, haven't taken on a job as large as making cabinets. Some may look at them as an overwhelming project, but this doesn't have to be the case. Not for simple ones at least. A cabinet is basically 3 parts - the box, the face frames, and the doors. Assembling the entire unit is not as simple 1,2, 3, but once you have made a cabinet or two, you will get the feel for them pretty quickly, and see that they aren't terribly complex. At least not as complex as you originally thought. In the video below, you will see how to make a basic cabinet. Now with the doors, you don't have to make them as complex as he does, though it is better to have them made at least in a similar fashion if you can. If you don't go with a panel style door, then you have a chance of them warping over time, especially in the kitchen if they get wet or damp.

Double-Duty Lathe Cabinet: Onboard storage for tools, accessories and 150 pounds of ballast.