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I've been binge-listening to this podcast, and thought this video on the History of Thanksgiving was cute! | The Mother of Thanksgiving | Stuff Mom Never Told You: Video

Kindle Daily Deals 05/16/15 (Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, African American, Romance, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Health & Fitness, Sports, Inspirational, Teen & Young Adult, Fantasy, Horror, Coming of Age, Starred Review)

Remembering Octavia Butler

The great African-American science fiction writer saw herself as a reclusive outsider, but to her peers she was a beloved insider.

The Last Princess: The Story of Princess Ka'iulani of Hawai'i: The day she was born, bells rang joyously and cannon fired noisy salutes--at last there was an heir to the Hawai'ian throne. But although this beautiful young princess worked tirelessly to prepare herself to rule, and fought bravely to protect the rights of her beloved people, she would never be queen.

This Jan. 19, 2015, photo, shows Mogul Queen Mumtaz Mahal's first resting place after death in Burha... - AP Photo/Vijay Joshi

Nefertari is a fascinating character-- the wife of Ramesses the Great, and the niece of Nefertiti and her heretic pharaoh husband Akhenaten. She lives during a tumultuous and impactful time in Egyptian history which is here vividly portrayed. Great book!