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Interpreting a classic nursery rhyme such as "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" looks easier than it seems. After much planning, we are very happy with the outcome! In this new video, we tried to let the simple yet beautiful melody of this song come through, without masking it too much with sounds and overwhelming visual effects. Join our characters in their walnut boats, floating along the stream of imagination!

35 minutes of uninterrupted fun educational videos. This playlist includes basic topics such as transportation, counting numbers, colours, shapes, the popular nursery rhyme Row Row Row your boat, and much much more! Enjoy and share :)

The Singing Walrus presents "Sun, Rain, Wind, and Snow", a fun folk song for children that explains different types of weather. In each verse, our cute characters set out in their balloon to explore all the fun things you can do when it's sunny, rainy, windy, or snowy. This is a great introduction for children to learn about the 4 seasons. ESL teachers can pair the weather words with the season - e.g. "sunny" with "summer", "rainy" with "spring", "windy" with "fall", and "snowy" with…

SHAKE BREAK- great to play when kids need to shake out the wiggles (Song for Kids ♫ 1:27)

The Singing Walrus presents "The Summer Song", a funky seasons song for young children. Join our characters for a fun look at different summer activities for kids. This upbeat song is perfect for young children to explore 8 different verbs in English - all related to summer fun. Arranged in an interactive way, this seasons song is ideal for teachers of ESL or EFL as well.

from Fantastic Fun & Learning

Days of the Week Song Videos for Kids

Kids can sing and dance as they learn the days of the week with this fun collection of days of the week song videos.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Behavior Clip Chart~ Polka Dot Owls

Leprechaun Poem Freebie~ St. Patrick's Day

from No Time For Flash Cards

Beginning Letter Sounds Game Homework

beginning letter sounds game. Learning to read activity.