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Dior Addict Lipstick in Perfecto In excellent condition- swatched only! •Color Perfecto #991- "vibrant color, spectacular shine"- berry magenta with light shine •0.12oz container •Fully sanitized and ready for use •Packaging included •Retail $35 no trades nor lowball offers Thank you for shopping in my closet! Dior Makeup Lipstick

Lazy Lily Bath Salts Lazy Lily is perfect for those days you just don't feel like doing a thing! This bath salt is a layered mixture of soothing lavender, refreshing orange, and relaxing ginger and clay. This is a total detox oasis, destress in the tub with some candles and Lily Lazy! These are made to order! Turn down the lights to see a surprise! Other

Tea tree oil foot and body scrub-12 oz 100% natural and specifically formulated for Foot Fungas, Ring worm, athlete's foot, softening corns, reducing Itching of insect bites & helping with Warts and Ance; Best tea tree oil, blended with highly moisturizing Tea tree oil scrub can help with minor wounds, encourage healing, and fights infection; Tea Tree Scrub can help soothing aches and pains, softening corns and calluses, and reducing itching Majestic Pure Foot scrub leaves feet feeling…

(Updated!) And yours should be too

(Updated!) And yours should be too!!! Here's why you should make sure your items aren't prohibited: 1. Posh can suspend your closet if you have these items 😟! 2. A lot of people will not share from non-compliant closets 🙅 3. You will not be considered for party host picks 😓 4. You cannot join most share groups 😕 Continued in the comments...👇 Other

Half-off Shipping- February and March

Half-off Shipping- February and March! Make an offer for 3$ less than listed price and I will accept! Applies to entire closet! Thank you for stopping. -K Other

Beautiful beige polyester infinity scarf orange

Coming Soon! Beautiful beige polyester infinity... Autumn leaves in warm yellow, orange and red float across this beautiful 20" wide beige infinity scarf in soft easy-care polyester. Other

Bke capris size 28

Bke capris size 28 These are Bke denim capris size 28. Excellent condition. Distressed back pockets with light distress on front legs. BKE Pants Capris

Lavender Fields Bath Salts Lavender Fields is a soothing blend of French lavender and eucalyptus! Both aid in relaxing the muscles and calming the body. Contains Dead Sea salts to help purify the skin and oatmeal to moisturizer and soften the skin. These are made to order! Turn down the lights to see a surprise! Other