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5 Crazy Things Ever Found in Space

In 2004, astronomers discovered a star composed entirely of diamond, measuring 4,000 km across and 10 billion trillion trillion carats. 50 light years from Earth, the diamond star is classified as a crystallized white dwarf, the hot core that remains after a star burns out. Scientists confirmed that the crystallized carbon interior of the star is, in fact, the galaxy’s largest diamond. Technically named BPM 37093, called "Lucy" after the Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

NO BIG Deal, Just NASA reporting on 'Near Earth Objects'. By-the-way, NASA actually gives the probability of asteroid impacts based upon calculated orbits of known threats. The fun part is, they're finding new threats every week! I'd say you should check it monthly, but really, if a major asteroid is going to strike Earth i'm sure 'Harry Stamper' will let us know :)

In 2004, astronomer Travis Metcalfe of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics and colleagues discovered a diamond star that is 10 billion trillion trillion carats! The cosmic diamond is crystallized carbon, 4,000 km across, some 50 light-years from the Earth in the constellation Centaurus. It’s the compressed heart of an old star that was once bright like our Sun but has since faded and shrunk. Astronomers call the star “Lucy” after the Beatles song, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Close Encounter with M44 : Carlo Dellarole, Andrea Demarchi 1/26/15, well-tracked asteroid 2004 BL86 made its closest approach, a mere 1.2 million kilometers from our fair planet. That's about 3.1 times the Earth-Moon distance or 4 light-seconds away.

Mineral concretions on Mars - These are examples of the mineral concretions nicknamed "blueberries." Opportunity's investigation of the hematite-rich concretions during the rover's three-month prime mission in early 2004 provided evidence of a watery ancient environment. This image was taken during the 84th Martian day, or sol, of the rover's work on Mars (April 19, 2004). The location is beside Fram Crater.

Scientists have recently announced that a planet that was discovered in 2004, and that they began studying closely last year, is actually made of diamond…or at least partially.

35 Astounding And Uplifting Facts About The Universe

Love this stuff. Discovered it previously when being used to judge the speed of falling space dust.

Here is an incredible photo from NASA’s Curiosity Mars probe…This is what Earth looks like from Mars. Think about THAT for a minute….

A 2-billion-year-old rock found in the Sahara desert has been identified as a meteorite from Mars’ crust, and it contains ten times more water than any other Martian meteorite found on Earth. It also contains organic carbon. Credit: NASA