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"Water Babies" - very cute film, inspired loosely by Charles Kingsley's famous book about tiny 'water babies'. Makes me want to find my old copy of the book and read it.

"Merbabies" - How tiny and cute they are! They seem to have been freshly hatched, and resemble the water babies in another short. These babies frolic with fish and whales and swim around their castle, and it is IMPOSSIBLE not to think of "The Little Mermaid" - including imagining one tiny red-haired mermaid as a baby Ariel.

43 - Funny Little Bunnies. This short is set in the enchanted dell of the Easter bunnies, which according to the storybooks, can be visited only by those who believe the stories of the Easter bunnies are true. They show how they make the various treats in preparation for Easter. Released March 24, 1934.