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5 Sneaky Survival Snare Traps to Keep You Alive

Ummm ... Okay so if everything goes to crap and anarchy reigns ... What, the Internet's gonna be up and running and you're gonna check out Pinterest from your bunker?

5 Fishing Techniques To Ensure Your Survival |

Catching fish for survival: This site has lots of cool ways to catch stuff-snares, traps and this really interesting way to snag fish. I'm sure we'll try them this summer...over and over...and be thankful for our turkey sandwiches! haha!

These 26 Survival Hacks Could Save Your Life One Day...Seriously!

26 wilderness and survival tips Set up a glow-in-the-dark security system for your campsite with a mousetrap and a glow stick.

Animal Track Identification - Look up loads of ideal survival gear, tools, techniques and guides to help you survive!

Infographic on Hunting Venison

9 Kickass Booby Traps to Arm And Protect Your Homestead

9 Kickass Booby Traps to Rig Your Homestead | DIY Hunting, Trapping and Survival Tips by Survival Life