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Oh, Jeff You’re Incorrigible

Goldblum. like a boss. t Go! kabloom People always ask me F. I always teu. them 1 the same thing: _ speak to me. Goldblum like a boss t Go! kabloom People always ask me F I teu them 1 the same thing: _ speak to

Getting Closer Every Time

Aww diddums. You realise hospitals are stretched coz there are too many people in the world, right? And by keep popping out kids you are actually making the problem worse? Stop having babies!!!!

Better Wait For The Bus

Looks like "See ya later, alligator," just became "See ya now, alligator!"

Waiting Is Good

True that. People need to realize this in emergency rooms. It's hard when your kid has to sit and wait while sick or in pain, but it could be so much worse. Be thankful your kid isn't on the verge of dying and needs to be rushed right in.

I’ve Got A Friend…Sorta

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This Sounds Like A Solid Idea

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