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Abocetado a escala del mural.

Inicio de Proyecto (sellado de la pared en color Champaigne)

The evil, demonic Hell-Lord Mephisto comes from eons ago. The Elder Gods, immensely powerful, ruled Earth ages before The First Celestial Host stepped foot on Earth. The monster Atum drove them off, but their mystical energies remained and became the Hell-Lords. Mephisto was the first and is one of the most powerful.

Galactus : Galan--aka: -Ashta,Devourer of Worlds, The Monster of all Worlds, The Hunger That Does Not Cease, God of Oblivion--Powers : Possessor of the Power Cosmic: Reality alteration- Molecular manipulation- Matter manipulation- Energy alteration- Life-force manipulation- Cosmic awareness- Telepathy- Telekinesis---TEAMS : Heralds of Galactus God Squad---Art by Brian Michael Bendis and Joshua Hale Fialkov,

Earth 2 - Tower of Fate: The Man Who Was Fate. Doctor Fate and Wotan fighting with mystic energy while Green Lantern provides support.

What if Superheroes Were Sponsored by Brands? [PICS]

The power he absorbs dissipates over time, and exposure to the elements causes it to drain rapidly. Without any absorbed energy, Shaw is merely a strong ordinary human in excellent physical condition, but regularly works to keep his strength at a superhuman level. In one instance, he was shown to spend time hitting a wall after waking in order to build up his power reserves before starting the day. Shaw also can forgo sleep if he receives enough energy. Often he will have his mercenaries

Patinas de Fondo.

Detallado y obscurecimiento final.