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There are many great reasons why you should switch to using organic cleaning products. Uncover these reasons and try these three simple homemade cleaning products for the kitchen. data-pin-do=

The grapefruit and sweet orange essential oils in this cleaner do double-duty, improving your mood while you tackle spring cleaning.

Ultimate Guide to DIY: Cleaning

While all these products might do a great job at cleaning, they're actually contributing to an enormous mess of plastic and toxins.

10 Great Uses for Ordinary Cleaning Products in Not-So-Ordinary Places

We try to keep it simple at our house, which means one product often does the work of two, or three. After all, just because the bottle says "dish liquid" or "laundry detergent" doesn't mean what's in it can't be used in other ways. Here's what we discovered: Liquid Dish Soap is great for: