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Still laughing at Michaels use of yolo because this isnt the first time hes used yolo when they ask what his moto is

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I just literally fell over laughing so hard i wasn't laughing and my dog looked at me like i was insane and then started barking at me because he thought i was dying............................ill sign your boobs

WE NEED TO GET LIKE 5SOS ON WIPEOUT OMG LIKE THIS NEEDS TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW GET IT AROUND EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! >>sorry I had already pinned this before, but I really want this to happen<<

I will totally know the difference. I will miss niall for my life and cry any day I want to without trying don't leave niall don't leave. Or any one because if any more of you leave I will scream. I am still so sad zayn left. Still he was awesome

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i've seen this so much and it literally never gets old i laugh every time

When I saw them open up for (when I still liked them) live at the Take Me Home Tour, I honestly thought they sucked. But they really improved more. I wish I could have appreciated them more tho.