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1920 Scott 20 20pf on 25c blue Stamps of France, surcharged in black The French took over administration of the Memel territory for the Allies, and so French stamps were then surcharged. There were an initial issue of 12 stamps of French origin surcharged in 1920.

1923 Scott N30 500m on Scott 99 Three of the previously issued French administration surcharged stamps were surcharged again; this time in green. Quite fascinating if one likes surcharged specimens. ;-)

1923 Scott N105 30c on 50m, red surcharge Issue surcharged in red or green Part of the earlier "Vytis" issue was then surcharged in 1923 as illustrated. The 15 stamp issue has a CV of $2+-$5+ for 12 stamps.

Memel 1923 Scott N15 50c on 25c red, blue surcharge Lithuanian Occupation Surcharged on unissued Official stamps of Lithuania

Memel 1923 Scott N8 25m on 5c blue, black surcharge: Kaunas printing Issued under Lithuanian Occupation