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which is why I make eye contact with drivers who stop for me, smile sweetly, mouth a big "Thank You" accompanied by a friendly nod and wave all while hustling across as fast as I can. they appreciate it and usually wave and smile right back

I see you were turning...

I'll be the only one in the car and I'll sarcastically reprimand people who don't use their blinkers.

How to Turn Off Your Fucking High Beams for Dummies - Road Rage

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I only say excuse me once. Then I run your heels over. Funny how fast they move then. Yup I'm a rager.

Use your blinker! (25 photos)

Road Rage Photos : theBERRY

Long Before There Was Grumpy Cat There Was Road Rage Kitty

Road rage is expressed against other people/cars/bikes because of an inability to communicate. Taking action against another (verbal, physical, note leaving, etc.) is all a way that people communicate their displeasure with others, on and off the road.

i'm never the one that's going too slow for anyone else, but the rest is all accurate

Funny Somewhat Topical Ecard: Please let all the stupid people who can't drive call in sick today so I won't get stuck behind them and have to use curse words. Amen.

I think my road rage is getting better. I only said, "Motherfucking cocksucker!" 13 times instead of 50.