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which is why I make eye contact with drivers who stop for me, smile sweetly, mouth a big "Thank You" accompanied by a friendly nod and wave all while hustling across as fast as I can. they appreciate it and usually wave and smile right back

Lol! If I stop my car so you can walk across the street, I better see some hustle out of you. Knees to chest, bitch KNEES TO CHEST!

Road rage is expressed against other people/cars/bikes because of an inability to communicate. Taking action against another (verbal, physical, note leaving, etc.) is all a way that people communicate their displeasure with others, on and off the road.


I see you were turning...

I'll be the only one in the car and I'll sarcastically reprimand people who don't use their blinkers.

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I only say excuse me once. Then I run your heels over. Funny how fast they move then. Yup I'm a rager.

chewing peppermint or cinnamon gum when you drive has proven to decrease frustration by 25%, increase alertness by 30% and makes the ride seem shorter!